Lior Sasha Pant

Price:  $119.00

These beautiful pants are the identical pant to the Lior Lize, except they are tailored for the petite woman who is under 5' 3" tall.

  • 79% Rayon
  • 18% Nylon
  • 3%  Elastane
  • Inseam: 28"

Elastic Waist, No Zipper, Slim-fitting ankle-pant with lots of stretch. A perfect alternative to leggings. Available colors are below.

Lior Sasha Pant

Item Q & A

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Q:   Does this pant come in denim?

A:   Yes the Lior Sasha pant comes in many denim colors. You will find them under LIOR Sasha Denim

Q:   How much shorter is the inseam than the lize?

A:   The Sasha inseam is 28" and the Lize is 29".