Lior Lize Pant

Price:  $119.00

Elastic Waist, No Zipper, Slim-fitting ankle-pant with lots of stretch. A perfect alternative to leggings.

  • 77% Viscose
  • 20% Polyamide
  • 3%  Elastine
  • Inseam: 29"

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Lior Lize Pant

Item Q & A

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Q:   Are the Lior Size pant made in Paris?

A:   The Lior Lize is made in France and the capris Lio is also made in France

Q:   I have had LIZE Benga T1. What is the equivalent with your sizing?

A:   You would order the same size T1 (us 4).

Q:   What size is T2? I have pants in that size and they fit great!

A:   In the Lior Lize the T2 size is like a US 6.

Q:   Is the Lize pants the same as the Sasha but just a longer inseam? Is the cut exactly the same?

A:   No the Lize pant fits differently than the Sasha. It has a fuller leg, more like a trouser and fits a littler larger than the Sasha. The Sammy pant fits just like the Sasha but is longer.

Q:   I have some older pants that are made in France, the newer ones say made in China. Can this be why the sizing seems so off?

A:   The pants that are made in France should say Lior Lize on the label and they are a more generous fit than the Lior Sasha that is made in China.

Q:   I would like to order Lize Panta size T3 in black

A:   You may order the pants on the Littleshop website or simply call us at 772-532-7897

Q:   Do you have LIOR pants in red size 6?

A:   There is a limited amount of the Lior Lize in red available.