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Lior Folie

Price:  $119.00

This is a new capris from Lior that is made in Paris. It is a very cute capris with laddering at the hem. It just adds a little extra touch to the traditional capris! Perfect for those sunny summer days!

Made of 77% Viscose, 20% Polyamide, 3% Elastine. Machine washable

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Lior Folie
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Q:   If size varies from 8 to 10...what do you recommend in these pants?

A:   I would recommend the 8

Q:   Not sure if I should order a 3 or 4...I wear an 8 or a 10 depending on fit. Please advise.

A:   I would definitely order a T3 the T4 would be too big

Q:   What is the size guide for size 7 and size 8. I think size 8 is a US 18 and size 7 is a US size 16. But what are the hip and waist inches for each?

A:   The hip measurement for size US 18 is 45" and the US 16 is 40". However the pants have a lot of stretch so you can easily add another 4-5". The Lior Folie does not come in size 16 or 18.