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Lauren Vidal Pants

Often touted as The Perfect Pant or The Miracle Pants, Lauren Vidal Pants are proof that when it comes to fashion, miracles can happen!  Lauren Vidal has simply taken pants to an entire new level.

These stylish, designer pants are not easy to come by in the US.  They are manufactured only in France and provide a very attractive and comfortable fit oftentimes difficult to find when shopping online or in your local boutique or ladies clothing store.  Not only are these pants washable, but they are also wrinkle-free and very quick to dry. 

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The fabric or our Lauren Vidal Pants is 97% polyester and 3% spandex. They've got an elastic waist band which is hidden and a side zipper. The pants are available in three different styles: Almon, Capsyl and Cosy. We now also offer two new styles of Lauren Vidal Pants:  Lior Aria (Capri) and Lior Liz!

"Miracle Pants". "Perfect Pants". No matter what you call them, the fact is that Lauren Vidal Designer Pants from Paris, France are one-of-a-kind. Always our best selling item, these slimming and stylish pants are versatile enough to wear for almost any occasion! Choose from a variety of colors and three attractive styles.

Lior Lize Pants by Lauren Vidal

Lior Lize Pants

Check another new line of pants from Lauren Vidal. We are now offer an additional style called the Lior Lize pant. And now, new to our Lior Pants collection is the new Lior Sasha, which is the Lior Lize pant but made for the petite woman under 5'3" tall. Just click on the link below to start shopping!

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Lior Jess Pants & Lior Julia Shorts

Lauren Vidal Lior Jess Capri Pants  Lauren Vidal Lior Jess Capri Pants   Lauren Vidal Lior Julia Shorts   Lauren Vidal Lior Julia Shorts

New to our Lauren Vidal lineup are our Lior (Jess) Capris and Lior (Juila) Shorts.  Both are beautiful and offer a slim fit with tummy and back control.

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Lior Terri Shorts

Lior Terri Shorts

This beautiful short by Lior Paris features the famous Lior tummy control band and flat front for an always flattering fit.   These shorts feature pockets and a novelty 3-button design at the bottom of the leg.

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Lior Paris
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