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Lior Sasha Pant

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These beautiful pants are the identical pant to the Lior Lize, except they are tailored for the petite woman who is under 5' 3" tall.

  • 79% Rayon
  • 18% Nylon
  • 3%  Elastane
  • Inseam: 28"

Elastic Waist, No Zipper, Slim-fitting ankle-pant with lots of stretch. A perfect alternative to leggings. Available colors are below.

Lior Sasha Pant

*All clearance item sales are final

Item Q & A

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Q:   I've been buying Lior Sasha pants in US for years, all MARKED size 10. I am confused by you saying you offer in size "4 (US 10)." I am very concerned to receive what for me has been a US size 10.

A:   I am sorry about the size confusion. The T4 is the French sizing for the Lior Lize pant. T4 is a US 10. So when you are buying a Lior Sasha 4 (10) it is what you are used to buying

Q:   Hello. I have been wearing Lior Sasha pants for years. The last time I purchased them from you, they were significantly longer in length than previous purchases.Is there a similar fit in another style that would have a shorter inseam...maybe a crop? Having the last ones altered added too much to the cost!

A:   I agree with you the Sasha is about 3/4 “ longer than it was. The crop that has a similar fit is the Sidney

Q:   What is your return policy? I've not ordered before and am unsure about the fit.

A:   I ask that you return the pants within 2-3 weeks from when you receive them with the tags on. As I offer free shipping for your order I ask that you pay the shipping for any return and your credit card is credited right away

Q:   Sorry, did not see your sizing. My current pair is a 3. Should I order a 2?

A:   Order a T3 which is a US 8

Q:   I have a pair of Lion Sasha pants about 3 years old. They are a size 8 & fit perfectly. I read recently that sizes recently changed to “vanity sizing” so that a size 6 is now the same as a former size 8. So should I order an 8 again, or change to a size 6?

A:   I would still order the size 8 that you are currently wearing. The fit has not significantly changed. The only change is the Sasha denim pant which fits larger

Q:   How big is the leg opening?

A:   The leg opening at the ankle is 13”.

Q:   Does this pant come in denim?

A:   Yes the Lior Sasha pant comes in many denim colors. You will find them under LIOR Sasha Denim

Q:   How much shorter is the inseam than the lize?

A:   The Sasha inseam is 28" and the Lize is 29".