Travel Pants ADT-25

Price:  $89.00

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Travel Pants ADT-25

Price:  $89.00

These fabulous travel pants pull up with a nice flat tummy and a slide slit. They have a looser fit than leggings and are ideal for dressy or casual wear.

The inseam is 28.5" and they machine wash beautifully

A perfect addition to the Alisha travel tunics!

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Travel Pants ADT-25

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Q:   The label says wash by hand and dry flat. Your site says machine washable. Where did you get that info? Is Alisha d a real brand with a company behind it and if so where are they located?

A:   Alisha D is a real brand and the company is located in Miami Fl. I have washed pants many times in machine and hung to dry.

Q:   What is the length on your Alisha D Pants in Size S. Also where can I see a size chart?

A:   The length of the Alisha D Travel pant is 28.5".